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da FAQ

Q. What Size shirt should I order?
A. We use a few different brands of shirts in our printing, all are comparable to American Apparel sizing. They are also all 100% Cotton. This means they are going to shrink a little bit after the first wash. If you're more of a numbers person, here are the approximate manufacture measurements:
Small : '36 - '38 , Medium : '39 - '41 , Large : '42 - '44 , XL : '45 - '47 , XXL : '48 - '50

Q. My PayPal has a (wrong / old / incorrect) address. Can you change it?
A. As long the order hasn't shipped, we can adjust your shipping address. Depending on circumstance, we may refund you and require that you replace the order with the corrected address.

Q. Oops. I just ordered the wrong shirt/size. What should I do?"
A. You had one job... But seriously, if the order has yet to ship, Email us the goof and we will adjust the order. If the order has shipped, we're not currently processing returns. Maybe one day.

Q. I just ordered [blank]. When will I get my shit?
A. Patience, Darlin. Patience. We aim to fill orders in 5 business days (often MUCH sooner) You will receive shipping notification and tracking info as soon as we have processed your shipment..